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Hi there its me Jimo that created this site/VPN i am a coder plus a Youtuber that does modding content on Youtube plus i stream so go check out my other social medias

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions, if you have any additional questions feel free to start live chat with an agent or submit a support ticket and feedback below.

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What is the difference between a Shared IP and a Dedicated IP?
A Dedicated IP is used only by you, Shared IP's are used by multiple people (most Shared IP's are PSN IP banned).
What do i do if a Dedicated IP address is PSN/XBL banned?
If a Dedicated IP address is already banned when you receive it simply put in a support ticket within 24 hours to have it replaced for free, after that you can have it replaced for a $5 fee.
What do i do if a Shared IP address is PSN/XBL banned?
There are multiple Shared IP's on each server, if you get a banned one disconnect for a minute and then reconnect and you should be assigned a different one, but as previously stated "most Shared IP's are PSN/XBL banned" so there is no guarantee that you will find one that is not banned.
Can i use the VPN from my location?
The best way to be sure is to perform what is known as a ping test, simply open up a command prompt window on your PC and run the command..
ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx replace the x's with the IP address you are testing.
United Kingdom
United States
if your ping ms is above 200ms on all servers then our VPN will not be suitable for you as a ping higher than 200ms will result in noticable gaming lag/latency.
Do we log?
We do not log any kind of data but only data we log is ddos attacks that come in so we can patch them.
What devices can i use the VPN on?
The FREE official OpenVPN app runs on Windows, Linux, Mac and some other popular operating systems, there are also OpenVPN mobile apps for iPhone and Android available from the App Store and if your Router/Modem has a built in OpenVPN Client then you can use that also.
Can i share the VPN with my friends?
No, and if cought then your vpn plan will be suspended with reason of sharing account.
Does the VPN work on PlayStation 3/4 and Xbox 360/One?
Yes infact most of our users are console gamers, keep in mind that you will need a device to route the VPN through since neither PlayStation 3/4 or Xbox 360/One have native VPN support.
You could use your Router/Modem if it has a built in OpenVPN Client or a computer running Windows, Mac or Linux, simply connect your console to the computer and share the VPN connection.
What kind of DDoS Protection do you have?
We have OVH 500Gb/s DDoS Protection on all servers at the network level plus advanced local firewalls to handle any attacks that may bypass the network firewall, this insures there is never any interruption to your Gaming.
Is the payment one time or recurring?
Plan prices above are the monthly fee in USD, however you will have the option at checkout to pay monthly or annually which entitles you to a 25% discount!
What payment methods do you accept?
We accept payments by Paypal only.

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